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Our experience is encapsulated in our proven Virtualization Adoption Lifecycle Framework (VALF), which leads customers through the steps and components required to successfully integrate and utilize virtualization technology. The following table depicts the phases of Framework and some of the key elements associated with each.

  • Server Virtualization

    • Server virtualization has rapidly become a mainstream technology, with roughly 60 percent of all server workloads now virtualized. Organizations adopting server virtualization have realized a host of benefits, such as server consolidation, faster provisioning, higher utilization, lower energy costs, streamlined management and improved disaster recovery. It is now viewed as a cornerstone of the modern, automated data center.

    • Still, some organizations have not yet virtualized all eligible server workloads, while many others have experienced “virtual machine sprawl” due to the ease with which virtual machines can be provisioned.

    • These challenges limit the efficiency and ROI of the virtual infrastructure. IDRLINK brings a disciplined approach to server virtualization that helps customers optimize their virtualized environments. IDRLINK has a team of engineers who specialize in server virtualization, as well as significant expertise across data center technologies.

  • Desktop Virtualization

    • Desktop virtualization brings all the same benefits of server virtualization to your desktop environment. Our solution sets leverage a variety of next-generation infrastructure, software, management and thin client products, allowing us to design a solution that exploits the dynamic nature of virtual computing. Additionally, moving applications and data to the cloud carries a lot of benefits—anywhere, anytime virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) access is a key driver, as is storage optimization-but with it comes security, performance and budget concerns. Investment in an entirely new infrastructure, whether private or outsourced, poses its own set of challenges for IT departments. IDRLINK can address the full spectrum of virtualization and service delivery needs for cloud computing and recommend a solution that is beneficial and strategic to overall long-term company needs.


  • Application Virtualization

    • Application virtualization encapsulates application software from the underlying operating system on which it is executed. A fully virtualized application is not installed in the traditional sense, although it is still executed as if it were installed on the end-user’s machine. IDRLINK’ experts bring the knowledge and skills to help you with your application virtualization efforts.

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