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- Trust in our highly qualified team, including knowledgeable leadership, certified engineers, customer service professionals, sales staff, and operations personnel

- Providing Superior business solutions that drive growth and value for companies in US and China through our high level relationship, local market intelligence and brand - building experience

- Being customer focused. We provide unsurpassed value in solution offered by conducting business in a manner for everyone

Very few data centers are built from scratch with all-new products from a single manufacturer. Data centers evolve, with equipment from a variety of vendors and in various stages of the IT life-cycle. That’s what makes data center management and support such a challenge — a challenge few technology providers are truly able to meet. iDRLink Solutions has the ideal mix of skills, experience and vendor relationships to help you maximize the performance, availability and manageability of your unique data center. Our experts are your focused resource for solution design, implementation and ongoing support across a broad range of key business-enabling technologies. We can help guide the further evolution of your data center toward a more integrated, interoperable and optimized infrastructure to support ever-changing business requirements while maximizing existing technology investments.   Enabling transformation through IT as a service Everyone at iDRLink Solutions recognizes the fact that IT has traditionally had to focus its resources and budget on non-value added activities, maintaining infrastructure and simply keeping the lights on. Today, IT is a necessity and a strategic differentiator, changing how companies go to market and position products and services. Our vision is to enable this business agility and transformation to create dependencies on IT agility. If we improve IT agility – we improve business value. Simply put, IT as a Service (ITaaS) is the transformation in focus from how IT is produced, to how businesses consume it. Through partnerships and engineering leadership, it is our mission at iDRLink Solutions to help our customers re-purpose their IT investments and ensure a more direct alignment with the overall objectives of the organization. 

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