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Software Defined Data Center

When implemented properly benefits of greater agility, faster resource deployment, and operational cost savings can be attained. For those reasons, more and more IT personnel are looking to incorporate SDDC concepts and designs into their strategic plans. Find out how IDRLINK can help you extend into SDDC in order to create and deliver true Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

In order to understand SDDC, it is important to agree on the definition. At IDRLINK we contend that the Software Defined Data Center is an architecture that extends virtualization to all critical data center resources—computing, storage, networking, and security—allowing the resources to be pooled for efficient allocation and maintenance and managed centrally in an integrated fashion.

SDDC creates a roadmap for the journey to IT as a service (ITaaS), a fundamentally different way of delivering IT. In the SDDC model, IT becomes a flexible, revenue-generating asset, not just an expense line item.

In order to architect a Software-Defined Data Center, you need a partner that can collaborate with you in order to develop a plan that will cover the entire process, from strategic vision all the way to production operations (and everything in between). IDRLINK delivers the expertise needed to help you begin your SDDC journey. Whether it is a complete build out or broken up into smaller pieces, IDRLINK can thoughtfully craft a plan to match your specific SDDC goals and objectives.

Call us to find out more about how IDRLINK can help you redefine your datacenter strategy.

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