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Converged / Hyper - Converged Infrastructure

IDRLINK is delivering converged infrastructure solutions that are designed and validated for desktop virtualization to help organizations hit the ground running and take full advantage of VDI. We offer solutions that enable organizations to quickly respond to changing market conditions with pre-integrated platform options and template-based infrastructure and workload provisioning.

Business applications are tested and benchmarked in advance to ensure high performance levels in mixed workloads, which minimizes risk and leads to more predictable, reliable results. Organizations can start small and scale the environment up or out by adding converged infrastructure components while maintaining the consistent performance needed for an optimized user experience.


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Whether you are looking for performance, scalability, and/or simplification, each aspect is a key tenet in why companies of all sizes are embracing converged infrastructure.  Today’s converged environments can be likened to a smartphone. Users generally don’t concern themselves with issues such as storage or systems management; everything needed is just an app. Similarly, converged infrastructure systems can essentially be provisioned “as an app” without having traditional IT resources focused solely on differentiated aspects of infrastructure such as systems administration, storage, and networking.  Bottom line, converged or hyper-converged datacenter infrastructures can deliver services more economically and efficiently with fewer dedicated resources.

Generally speaking, there are two approaches companies may take when building a converged infrastructure: (1) The hardware-focused, building-block approach [typically joint ventures between OEMs] simply known as converged infrastructure, or (2) the software-defined approach (companies like Nutanix, and VMware) considered hyper-converged infrastructure.  IDRLINK has helped companies in the web2.0 space up through the enterprise architect to deploy both converged and hyper-converged infrastructures.  Contact IDRLINK to learn more about how converged infrastructures can benefit your company today.



The exploding volume of information that must be stored — coupled with “siloed” storage infrastructures and regulations requiring data retention, protection and recovery — has made storage optimization a top priority in many organizations. Data archival, storage consolidation, storage management and data reduction are cited as high-ranking IT projects.

IDRLINK can not only assist with these initiatives but provide expert guidance regarding your entire storage infrastructure. With expertise spanning multiple vendors and technologies, IDRLINK is uniquely positioned to architect storage solutions best suited to each organization’s unique operational needs and long-term data growth projections. Our engineers can help improve storage performance and availability while reducing the total cost of ownership for your storage environment.

IDRLINK can also help “right-size” storage expenses through multi-technology, tiered solutions and storage virtualization techniques that match data value to storage costs. The result is a storage infrastructure that can be scaled cost-effectively while increasing resource, energy and operational efficiency.

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