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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a very hot, new trend-it's so new, in fact, that its definition is as nebulous as its name suggests. Generally speaking, cloud computing offers you the ability to deploy applications, systems, and IT infrastructure as services that reside in a global pool-the "cloud." You can pull resources from the cloud whenever you need them, and you pay only for what you use. When you don't need them anymore, you simply release them back to cloud for others to use. Although cloud computing is destined to become part of almost every organization's IT strategy, cloud computing currently is still very much a new technology. As a result, the market is saturated with conflicting information, causing confusion for organizations that could benefit from this technology. Fortunately, the experts at Enterprise Vision Technologies can help you understand the evolving standards and varied pricing models so you can find your way through the fog of marketing propaganda. 

Why are Enterprises moving to the cloud?

  • To reduce costs

  • To convert CAPEX to OPEX costs

  • For the "pay as you go" model

  • For elastic scalability

  • For speed to deployment

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